Book "Sucuriju Gigante - Im Reich der Schlange"
Flowers and floral wreath
Native animals
Paper cuts for the insurance company DEVK
Book "Schatten im Hafen"
Illustrations for a campagne of Volkswagen
Book "Durch die Nacht"
Illustration of paradies
Illustrations of foxes
A book about Arnold Schönberg – "Opus 15"
Birds II
Illustrations of animals and plants
Berlin journal "Das Magazin"
Magazine "Prata"
"Medusa" in the book publication "Freistil"
Birds I
Illustrations on paperboard
Illustrations for the popular Newspaper "Die Zeit"
Art Book "Opus 15"
Book "The Selfish Giant"
tea candle set
Paper silhouettes for an album cover
portrait "longing"
Designerreisen – EIGA Design
Paper cuts and silhouettes
A fanfold of Hamlet
A fanfold of Bachmann
Homage to Björk
Book "Großwildjagd"
NDR dokumentary
Cards „body-object-relation“
portrait / Simone
Cover "ZONE"
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